Big Jake 1971

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“Big Jake” is a western film released in 1971, directed by George Sherman and starring John Wayne in the title role. The film is about an aging patriarch, Jake McCandles (John Wayne), who sets out to rescue his kidnapped grandson from a band of ruthless outlaws.

In the film, Jake receives a ransom demand from a group of kidnappers who have taken his grandson for ransom. Jake and his estranged wife, Martha (played by Maureen O’Hara), set out to retrieve the boy, accompanied by a band of hired guns.

The film also starred Richard Boone as John Fain, the leader of the kidnappers, and Maureen O’Hara as Martha McCandles, Jake’s estranged wife. The cast also included Patrick Wayne, Christopher Mitchum, Bruce Cabot, and Bobby Vinton in supporting roles. The film was notable for its large-scale action sequences and for featuring real-life father and son John Wayne and Ethan Wayne in their first on-screen appearance together.

“Big Jake” was filmed on location in several areas in the United States and Mexico. Some of the locations where the film was shot include:

Durango, Mexico: The film’s principal photography took place in and around the Mexican city of Durango, which has been a popular filming location for many westerns.

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada: The stunning rock formations and desert landscape of Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada were used to film several of the movie’s outdoor scenes.

Kanab, Utah: Some of the movie’s scenes were also shot in the vicinity of the town of Kanab, which is located in southern Utah.

Old Tucson Studios, Arizona: The film’s production also made use of Old Tucson Studios in Arizona, which is a popular filming location for western movies.

Overall, the movie’s production team sought out locations that would provide a rugged, natural backdrop to the film’s action-packed storyline.


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