Ethan Wayne

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24th Annual Odyssey Ball BEVERLY HILLS, CA - APRIL 18: Ethan Wayne and brother Patrick Wayne arrive at the 24th Annual Odyssey Ball at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on April 18, 2009 in Beverly Hills, California. In this photo: Patrick Wayne, Ethan Wayne Photo: Todd Williamson/WireImage Apr 18, 2009

b. 22 February 1962, Los Angeles, California, USA

Films together:

Big Jake, Rio Lobo

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  • Carol Terven Crowell

    Ethan was named after the lead character in the classic “Searchers.” John Wayne found the character so intriguing and captivating he named the new grandbaby “Ethan.” The character embodied traits appealing to Wayne: rugged individualism, relentless dynamism, perseverance against tremendous odds, passionate in his beliefs and predilections yet open to new ideas and revision. A man of few words yet instantly recognized as the leader. Those traits he hoped for his new grandson. It would be interesting to hear the family’s account of the naming.

    The movie of “Big Jake” is one of the most touching of the John Wayne films. The music adds to the gentleness displayed by the burly, errant Grandfather who is on a mission to save Ethan, a grandson he has never seen, from cutthroat kidnappers after a huge ransome.

    Ethan could add to this biography by recounting words from his Grandfather. John Wayne was noted for giving opportunities to young talent. His pride in being involved in the accomplishments of the young can be seen in the “Cowboys.”

  • chuckitt

    ethan is dukes son not his grandbaby!

  • I picked John & Ethan Wayne up at Dallas Love Field airport I was a volenteer driver for the national Veterans Veterans convention. Dallas Texas, I drove them to the Dallas Hilton Hotel, I helped cary their suit cases up to their suite, said to John Wayne if they needed someone to drive them around I was raised in dallas would they Please ask for me. He said to ask the people in charge of the volinteer drivers if I could be their personal driver while they were there I spent 4 days with them. I took them back to the airport when time came to leave they gave me a 50

  • x.c.g.

    Ethan, son of John Wayne and third wife, Pilar Pallete.

  • raymond

    in big jake ethan plays his grandchild

  • sietehombres

    john wayne el mas grande actor de westerns de todos los tiempos!!!!

    todas sus películas inclusive las comedias, de guerra y policiales muy buenas.

    un verdadero actor de pura cepa!!!! un vaquero de verdad

  • jeffsmart

    ethan wayne is the real john wayne from the real jeff smart actor for over 40 years the duke lives on

  • Norman Honanie

    The time has come to let you know that a person that is staying at the 26bar ranch and is calming that he was your father’s pilot and selling official items. This person goes by the name of Chill Bill if you can email me back. We the Hopi tribe in Arizona and I will sent emails that he is spreading that is not true. Hope to talk to you on side if you want to have a time to spent on the 26bar let me know.

  • well, i growed up watchinge thr duke with my grandpal and dad, hows a working man supposed to get a hat $30,000 he wasnt like that ! you need to have a contest,like what did john wayne mean to you and your life so a working man can afford to get a hat!!! he was the real deal! thank you

  • Norman Willey

    It was on my bucket list to see or meet John Wayne before he passed. I waited to long. So, a couple yrs back I put on my Larry Mahan 7x beaver Cowboy hat and my Dads western vest and went southeast about 60 mi to Winterset, Ia to see the unveiling of the Dukes big bronze statue. I waited quite awhile to meet Ethan Wayne. I was impressed how he took the time to discuss his fathers success and how humble he was of his own. I was saddend and I could tell it was hard for him to discuss his late brother Michael, producer/director of McClintock movie, who looked just like his Dad. I told him I had missed Patrick and his Mother Pilar on a previous dedication of his fathers birthhome cause of work. I told him I had lost my father in1986 who once rode his horse across the Continental Divide in Colorado Rockies at the age of 70 and was wearing his vest and ask him if he would sign its lining. “Are you sure”? “It’s a nice vest”. Sure I’m sure, Dad was a big fan too. And by’golly he signed it and I cheerish it as it hangs retired on my office wall. God bless the Wayne Family giving of their time and effort to support Iowa’s connection to a great American Icon. Thx Ethan!

  • Hi. Will there be any more online auctions of john Wayne’s stuff like the 1 that I missed out on last year? I’d really like to have some type of clothing that he wore….even if there’s a spare sock without its match lying around somewhere! I have too much love for him 🙂 Thanks

  • Hi, is there any way to contact Ethan, or Patrick Wayne?
    I’d like to interest him in a sequel to the classic RIO BRAVO.


    Ethan I Ray Murphey am un desperate need if your help

  • Jesse Short

    Hello my name is Jesse Short and I’m in possession of the Miss Avalon the 1956 Chris Craft continental that was owned by John Waynes production company. The reason why I’m trying to contact Ethan Wayne is to see if he could help me out in authentication of the boat Thanks Jesse Short

  • Jesse Saylor

    Hello Ethan I believe I am in possession of one of your fathers old guns. This gun is a 303 Savage and it is really old and has some weird markings on it, it was passed down by my father and his friends were trying to get it from him but my mother saved it. Im really interested to see if its real its a cool story involving early Las Vagas and might be before he was famous! please contact me. i really believe this is a sweet gun with a great story! you might already know the story!

  • Shirley Solvey

    My Father Mr. Leonard (rip) worked for Gerry Rex wigs in the U.K. He was your fathers wig maker I have a picture of you father (rip) that I am sure you have never seen I would like to send a copy to you but on an e mail address not here
    Yours sincerely
    Shirley Solvey

  • mike cartica

    Mr Wayne, I have a small 4×6 American flag that has the Dukes autograph on it. It that was given to me several years ago by a woman who said her husband worked with the Duke on the set of the movie The green baretts, he was a set director she said. However over the years I cant recall his name. I was hoping you could authenticate it for me if possible. It is a cherished possession as I grew up watching his movies and very much admired your father. If you are willing to see it please tell me how to send it to you. Much Thanks. Mike Cartica, Jacksonville Fl

  • james petrie

    a big fan from when i was little, i have an autographed photo of duke that looks to be from the “Cahill” location, written in blue ball-point-“to ann, good luck, john wayne”–this looks real to me, and was given to my brother in california, by an antique collector many years ago. how can i be sure it’s real?
    he has on the black stetson from cahill, wearing a blue windbreaker, holding a styrofoam coffee cup, with black jeans on. great shot of him. with some tourists in the background. this is a full-size 8×10.
    thank you so much!!

  • Bill Null

    Hello I have one of John Waynes personal western hats that I’m looking for a photo of him wearing,

  • Diane Irwin

    You are a fine actor and great representative of the Wayne family. It would be a privilege and honor to meet you. How wonderful that your father has such impeccable legacies.