Harry Carey Jr.

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John Wayne (left), Harry Carey Jr, and Ben Johnson. Picture from She wore a Yellow Ribbon

b. May 16, 1921, Saugus, California
d. Dec 28th 2012, Santa Barbara, California

Movies together:

Red River, 3 Godfathers, She wore a Yellow Ribbon, Rio Grande, The Searchers, Rio Bravo, The Undefeated, Big Jake, Cahill


Tom Nora’s interview with Ol’Dobe


Worked with John Wayne 10 times
Career Films 73
Reminder: Carey was given a starring assignment along with Ben Johnson, in Wagon Master (1950).
Carey was also featured on the “Spin and Marty” segments of Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club (1955-59).
Year of his first film 1948 most recent film 1996

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  • William Bailey

    many baby boomers will remember Harry Carey Jr was on the mickey mouse club in the Spin and Marty episodes.many saw those episodes and became fans of Harry.They started noticing him in many John Ford movies alongside his friends John Wayne,Ben Johnson,Ward Bond and Victor Mclaglen .
    After reading his book “In The Company Of Heros” i managed to contact him and expressed my admiration of him and his movies.through his daughter i made sure to wish him best regards on his birthdays.i believe if there was a movie personalty who all could look up to it was harry.you never heard any bad publicity about him.many of the roles he was given were truly memorable.i know many of his fans were very sad at his passing.
    Many may not know that Harry married the daughter of one of John Wayne’s costars Paul Fix.her name is Marlyn Fix Carey.they had a 68 year marriage.