Patrick Wayne

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24th Annual Odyssey Ball BEVERLY HILLS, CA - APRIL 18: Ethan Wayne and brother Patrick Wayne arrive at the 24th Annual Odyssey Ball at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on April 18, 2009 in Beverly Hills, California. In this photo: Patrick Wayne, Ethan Wayne Photo: Todd Williamson/WireImage Apr 18, 2009
Patrick Wayne

b. July 15, 1939

Films together:

Big Jake, The Green Berets, McLintock!, Comancheros, The Alamo, The Searchers, The Quiet Man, Rio Grande

Additional info*:

Worked with John Wayne 9 times
Career Films 39
Reminder: The son of John Wayne, Patrick Wayne made his earliest film appearances at 14, in The Quiet Man (1953)
In Big Jake (1971) he plays Wayne’s son James McCandles. Wayne’s other son in the film is played by Chris Mitchum
Year of his first film 1953 most recent film 1990

* courtesy of Leroy’s John Wayne Tribute website.

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  • thank you all for some well great movies,miss your dad on t.v movies,no one could do western like him.enjoyed seeing you and your brother and sister too.

  • sharon sizemore

    patrick,my husband & I still to this day, love watching your Dad’s movings.We watch them every chance we get.John Wayne is my husbands all time favorite actor and one of my favorite too.And I must say I always loved watching you in all those movies also are one of my favorite actors.I always thought you were so good looking and you were a great actor too,just like your Dad.We really miss your Dad and miss seeing you too.hope you and your family memebers are to good .May GOD Bless you and feep you in his loving arms.GOD BLESS YOU!!

  • sharon sizemore

    Your family members are doing good,May GOD Bless you and(KEEP)you in his loving arms.”Sorry”

  • John Montgomery

    Your movies are great and I try to see all that come on. I do miss your dad :The Duke” he was my hero and still is. Thanks for leting us see all your movies. It takes me to different time and place for a short time.
    I have all that I can find of your dad’s movies. and the only record he did.
    You and your family have followed in the right foot steps of your father. And you all are doing great.

  • marilynoertwig

    I have recently found out that there was am attempt to remake “True Grit”
    for which John Wayne was belatedly awarded his Oscar. The Cohen Brothers
    must have lost their minds. How dare they try to attempt to duplicate Mr.
    Wayne, I am an avid fan and have been my entire life, I grew up on John
    Wayne, his values and virtues and the love of our America. He is an icon
    to people all around the world and means justice and steadfastness in what
    you believe in. I seriously doubt that this “movie” will go anywhere, I will
    be working with other John Wayne fans to embargo any showing that we
    can, and will be passing on other friends and family to not go there.
    God Bless JOHN WAYNE and not Jeff Bridges, he should be ashamed of
    himself and should examine his pride – JOHNWAYNE he is not. Worst of
    luck to the Cohens in this and in anyother future pursuits. You do not
    want to step on the toes of the movie consumer, that is where your bread
    is buttered.

  • John Wayne McDavid

    I would like to said I miss your dad also. I was born March 10 1962. My dad his name George Washinton McDavid was a big fan of your father. Special all his western. That’s how I got your dad name. My son is also name after your dad.

  • I have always loved your dad’s movies. What he believed in I believed in (in a Canadian sense). I am a proud Canadian, your dad I think wouldn’t have expected me to be any different. I miss him on the screen and I think the movies aren’t the same since he passed on. I have always thought you had a good career yourself, I always loved your movie “Sinbad and The Eye of The Tiger”. Your not going to believe this, but my wife and I are also Civil War enthusiasts and going to redo our vows in civil war dress in Gettysburg, on our 20th anniversery, hopefully.

  • “HAYES”, Susan

    In the year of 1973, I invited your Father, the Duke, to attend my wedding. The invitation wasn’t fancy and I wasn’t polished enough to realize the rules of etiquette. Needless to say, I enjoy his movies and always will! Take care and you look(as my Mother would say) splendiferous.

  • William Caruso

    I suppose that most of your admirers are silent admirers. They only see what your father has done… but as a boy I watched you and him on the BIG screen .. and i wished I was you … not knowing how difficult it must have been living in his shadow… but I have always admired your acting and the way you took on parts in the movies you went on your own and did separtate from your dads! Thank you for being you! and may all see and have the admiration, I have for you, the artist,actor and great son you must have been even if they say nothing.
    one of your greatest fans! Bill

    I wish to break this silence. I admire your paintings. I think they are very beautiful.

  • sharon

    My husband and I also loved or love your dad. He was the greatest and a true American. He was a wonderful actor, but somehow I always get the feeling he wasn’t acting too much, that he really was like that in real life. I think his real personality came out in his movies. Am I right? My favorite story about him was one I heard on the news when Reagan was governor. They were walking together in Sacramento-going to lunch or something- and came across a pretty big group of young men waving another flag and protesting America somehow. The news said John Wayne walked right into the middle, snatched the flag out of their hands, broke it in two over his knee or something, threw it on the ground, and walked away, leaving everyone’s mouth open. I loved it. I can just see him doing that and can’t think of anyone else that could or would.
    I have to tell you also that it was also fun to see you, his handsome son, in the movies with him. By the way, where can we see your sister, and also find out more about all the rest of his family?

  • Eric


    I saw your 1985 movie with Tom Beranger, Loved it, You did a great job playing the good guy, milk drinking gun slinger who worked for the bad guy, NICE OUTFITS

    I hope all is well for you.

    Take Care

  • Laura

    Did john Wayne star in a TV series about a cop? If he did what is the name of the series?

  • Regina

    Iam long overdue in posting here as i didnt know this page was on the web, I’d like to add I to am a john wayne big fan, I have many of his movies on DVD he would be maybe proud to know.

    I would hope his children carry on what the things meant to there dad. He is grealty missed.

  • Daniel Summers

    I could not fill the the Washington Library with all the words I have for your Father and you too. I always looked for you in his movies and although he might of said he didn’t have a favorite I would have to say you were the one. I’m a fifties kid and grew up a John Wayne idol worshipper and he was my dad in my fastasy world as a child. But as I got older I saw messages in his movies and it was then I really truly loved him. His simple lines and phases helped mold me into the man I am today and how I will raise my grandson. My faith leads me to believe I will see him again and hopefully you to Patrick. God be with the “Wayne Family”. Daniel

  • D. Lund

    Patrick I loved all of the movies that you and your father were in. As a teenager I had a crush on both of you. Sometimes it is just sodnice pull out the Searchers or Big Jake and watch them on the big sceen TV. I hope that life has been great for you. I still would like to meet you in person someday. Maybe you could make a trip to Kanab to the Western gathering that they have every year. Let me know if you do.

  • jose

    hi , well, i remember when patrick came to uruguay, his movies bears and i and the eye of the tiger are great. Well, patrick , if you remember when you went to the cinema to sign autographs, well, we do remember, you very much , and we admire you. jose


    I have been watching John Wayne movies all my life. However I ‘ve recently noticed that in his westerns he only keeps 1 bullet in his holster. I have looked for reason for it, but can not find why only 1 bullet, the rest of the cast always has their holsters full of extra bullets. It must have some meaning, does anyone know why?

  • Kent Baggaley

    Patrick, You see people do re-makes of movies all the time most don”t hold water. I belive with todays upgrade in film fixing and stuff. You could set-up and release your dad’s Alamo film, and with the proper advertizing, you would get the respect that film did”nt get because of the P.R. company at the time , and chill Will”s . That was a great work and your dad should recive the credit that he put into it. The music score everything did not recive proper credit. Too say I loved your dad”s films is a understatement. I watch at least one a week. But that one I”ve always felt bad for him . He did not get his due.! People love westerns and I really belive a re-lease done right with the right ad”s would right a old wrong. Thanks for you time. K Baggaley

  • Stece

    I still love the Duke’s movies; especially the westerns of the 60’s and 70’s. He made it cool to be a patriotic, straight shooter. I miss his work but I’m grateful he left so much good stuff. His work still resonates today…especially today. God bless you Mr. Wayne. We miss ya.

  • We have a John Wayne room in our home…. I remember John from when when I was a child. I think it was time with my dad… We could hardly wait til our dad got home so we could all sit together an watch a JW movie. That would be why I have passed it down to my grandson…. when he was 3 (2003) someone stopped us in walmart cause he was telling me who Elvis was. Someone said how could that baby possibly know and I said “that is nothing,,,,,, Sean… Who is your faviorite cowboy and my grandson said Nana it’s John Wayne the fellow said that is amazing how can he possibly know…………. he does.. We have probably 25 plates and 10 or 12 dolls and every movie that Patrick has allowed to be released……… I have a room that is just John and I am proud of it,,, I am still adding to it altho I only have 1 stand up as they do not sell them i Canada and I had to bring my last home from the states….. i lost it in the floods this last summer. Why do they not allow canadians to purchase these.?? I am a die hard John Wayne fan but I can’t be Canadian?

  • jim butler

    Patrick I been been watching your father movies all my life. and you to. your big big fan jim butler

  • T Terrell Zick

    I never tire of watching “The Searchers”. Th film’s coloring truly reflects the breath taking desert intriguing story and great acting. You were wonderful! as young liet. Greenhill.

    Is it true that the crew and cast of “The Searchers” were all
    long time friends? You all worked so well together.


  • William Bailey

    i was having a little fun by researching John Wayne on and discovered that someone had added information that Patrick Wayne had died!the date they had added was 2/22/1962 which just happens to be the birth date of his brother Ethan really is not funny but i have taken it upon myself to contact the person who submitted that information to go back and correct their mistake.i believe Patrick would not be happy to find out he had died,yet would say his death is greatly exaggerated.i have been a fan of both Patrick and John Wayne for many years and very much enjoy all of their movies.i feel some of Patrick’s fans might find this interesting.