Hank Worden

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Hank Worden - Red River

b. July 23, 1901,
Rolfe, Iowa

d. December 6, 1992
Los Angeles, California

Movies together:

StageCoach, Angel and the Badman, Fort Apache, Red River, 3 Godfathers, Fighting Kentuckian, The Searchers, The Horse Soldiers, The Alamo, McLintock!, True Grit, Rio Lobo, Chisum, Big Jake, Cahill


Worked with John Wayne 15 times
Career Films 149
Reminder: Worden appeared in such Ford classics as Fort Apache (1948) and Wagonmaster (1950). The quintessential Worden-Ford collaboration was The Searchers (1955) wherein Hank portrayed the near-moronic Mose Harper.
Year of his first film 1936 his last film 1990


Hank Worden on the Alamo

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  • Margaret A. Miller

    I am so glad to finally find out about this fine actor. He was awesome in “the Seachers”. I thought I never would find out his name and I have been looking for a long time.

  • My husband’s favorite film is The Searchers, and a big part of it is because of Hank. He’s a fine actor, indeed.

  • My state ment dose Hank Worden have any Children if not I’m sorry I bothered you being so Bissau in all. Mimi

  • Tony Bailey

    Mr. Worden was a great actor who was a compliment to any movie that he appeared in…especially The Searchers!!

  • Hank Worden was Tex Ritter’s sidekick in the movie Headin For The Rio Grande around 1937. Hank played a more serious character here except when he got upset when Tex sang Blood On The Saddle,but very different from later movies. Juan Valadez Sept. 8 2011

  • Nor Chrisn

    Hank Worden was a true gentle man of the old school. His acting parts were very understated yet quality with a degree of humility which made him a legend of the small screen.
    Mostly a supporting actor but his appearance on screen led you to believe and enhance any production.
    Once seen, never forgotten! His like will never be seen again.

  • Pat M

    I always enjoyed seeing him in a lot of John Wayne films. Never knew Hank’s name. A lot of the time he was the quiet gentleman & the comic relief

  • jim burnett

    How or who could make “The Searchers” ? Who could play “Ethan” Brad Pitt. what a joke ?? and who could ever play ” Mose”