Ward Bond

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Ward Bond

b. April 9, 1903, Benkelman, Nebraska

d. November 5, 1960, Dallas, Tex.

Movies together:

Rio Bravo, The wings of eagles, the searchers, Hondo, The Quiet man, The 3 Godfathers, Fort Apache, Dakota, they were Expendable, Tall in the saddle, The Shepherd of the Hills, The Big trail

Worked with John Wayne 19 times
Career Films 199
Reminder: Best remembered for his role on the NBC TV western Wagon Train
Year of his first film 1929 his last film 1959

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    Ward was in 22 movies and two TV shows with Duke. As he was the best friend of Duke and Pappy Ford, I would think there would be a great deal more about him on here, but I have just found this site, so maybe that it not what it is all about…..will have to check it out more, LOL. KP