The Train Robbers 1973

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“The Train Robbers” is a Western movie released in 1973, directed by Burt Kennedy and starring John Wayne in the lead role. The movie tells the story of a group of outlaws who team up with a widow, played by Ann-Margret, to recover a stolen fortune from a train robbery. John Wayne plays Lane, a seasoned cowboy who leads the group and helps the widow navigate the treacherous terrain of the Old West.

The movie features an impressive cast of supporting actors, including:

Rod Taylor as Grady, a member of the outlaw gang
Ben Johnson as Jesse, a former member of the gang who helps Lane and the widow
Christopher George as Calhoun, the leader of the gang that committed the train robbery
Bobby Vinton as Ben Young, a young man who joins the group to impress his girlfriend
Together, these talented actors help bring to life a thrilling story of adventure, danger, and romance in the Wild West. “The Train Robbers” is notable for its stunning cinematography, memorable musical score by composer Dominic Frontiere, and exciting action sequences. The movie was well-received by audiences and critics alike and remains a favorite among fans of John Wayne and Western films.

“The Train Robbers” was primarily filmed on location in the state of Durango, Mexico. The film’s director, Burt Kennedy, was known for his use of Mexican locations for his Westerns, and Durango’s varied terrain and natural beauty made it an ideal location for the movie.

Specifically, some of the key filming locations for “The Train Robbers” included the Sierra de Órganos National Park, which provided the rugged and scenic backdrop for many of the outdoor scenes, and the historic Durango train station, which was used for some of the film’s key sequences involving trains.

The movie’s producers also constructed a number of sets and buildings specifically for the film, including a frontier town and a ranch house, which were built in the outskirts of Durango to create an authentic Old West atmosphere.

Overall, the stunning landscapes and scenery of Durango helped to create a visually rich and engaging world for “The Train Robbers,” and played an important role in bringing the story of the film to life.

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