Brannigan 1975

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“Brannigan” is a 1975 crime thriller film directed by Douglas Hickox and starring John Wayne. The film is notable for being one of the few times that Wayne played a character who was not a cowboy or a soldier.

In the movie, Wayne plays Jim Brannigan, a tough and no-nonsense Chicago detective who is sent to London to extradite a notorious American gangster named Larkin (played by John Vernon). However, when Larkin is kidnapped by another criminal gang, Brannigan is forced to team up with a British police inspector named Swann (played by Richard Attenborough) to track him down and rescue him.

The film features a number of exciting car chases and action sequences, as well as Wayne’s trademark tough-guy persona. “Brannigan” was not a critical success, but it was a commercial hit and is remembered as a fun and entertaining action movie.

While “Brannigan” may not be one of John Wayne’s most famous or beloved films, it remains a unique and interesting entry in his filmography and is notable for showcasing his range as an actor beyond his iconic Western and war hero roles.

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