The Cowboys 1972

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“The Cowboys” is a 1972 Western film directed by Mark Rydell and starring John Wayne. The film is based on the novel by William Dale Jennings.

In the movie, Wayne plays Wil Andersen, a rancher who is left with no choice but to hire a group of young boys as cowhands after his regular crew abandons him in order to go on a gold rush. The boys are inexperienced and untested, but Andersen is determined to teach them how to be cowboys and get his herd to market.

As they make their way across the wilderness, the group faces a number of challenges, including hostile Native Americans and a band of ruthless rustlers led by the villainous Long Hair (played by Bruce Dern).

“The Cowboys” was a commercial success and is widely regarded as one of Wayne’s most iconic roles. The film’s portrayal of the coming-of-age journey of the boys and their growth under Wayne’s guidance struck a chord with audiences and critics alike. The movie also features a memorable score by John Williams.

“The Cowboys” remains a beloved classic of the Western genre and is remembered as a testament to Wayne’s talent and charisma as an actor.

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