Interview with Ethan and Patrick Wayne

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The following snippets are taken from a new interview conducted by Scott Holleran at Box Office Mojo.

Actors Patrick, 67, and Ethan Wayne, 45, recently talked about working with their father, screen legend John Wayne, in advance of the most comprehensive screening series of John Wayne pictures since the actor died on June 11, 1979.
Several of the Duke’s movies have been selected for screening at the Newport Beach Film Festival in Orange County, California, near what was once John Wayne’s coastal home in Newport Beach. The motion pictures?among them are Rio Bravo, The Searchers and The Quiet Man?are presented in honor of the centennial of John Wayne’s birth.*

Box Office Mojo: Why did you decide to participate in a film festival?

Ethan Wayne: It’s a venue that I thought really fit. They’ll show his movies on the big screen in the city where my family lived and we can get in front with the John Wayne Cancer Foundation. We had started talking [at the Balboa Bay Club, where the Duke was a member] about [logistics] for the hundred year events and the city [of Newport Beach] was really excited to do something to recognize his birthday. Then, [city manager] Homer Bludau brought in Gregg Schwenk from the [Newport Beach] Film Festival and Gary Sherwin from the [Newport Beach] Conference and Visitor’s Bureau and it sort of took off from there.

Box Office Mojo: Patrick, you worked with the Duke in pictures for many years. What’s a common misconception about your dad’s work?

Patrick Wayne: That he wasn’t really an actor. He had a craft and he was a professional performer and a person that, over the years, developed his craft and he became richer and more complex actor and reached a high point in The Shootist.

Box Office Mojo: Is there a common misconception about your dad’s political views?

Patrick Wayne: That he was a rubber stamp conservative. He would listen [to other viewpoints] and he was an independent thinker. For example, he supported returning the Panama Canal [to Panama, in opposition to Ronald Reagan and other prominent conservatives]. He came from very humble beginnings and he really appreciated that if you were willing to do the work, you could become successful in America. He had a great love for this country. He loved the opportunity the country offers everyone who’s willing to work and he loved being able to apply himself to work.

Follow the following link to read the rest of the interview that Box Office Mojo conducted with Patrick & Ethan.

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