Actor James Gregory Dies

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SEDONA, Ariz. (AP) – Character actor James Gregory, who played Inspector Lugar for eight seasons on television’s “Barney Miller,” died Monday. He was 90.

Gregory died in his home in Sedona as the result of an undisclosed terminal illness, niece Larain Gregory-LaMonte said Tuesday.

In the late 70’s and early 80’s, Gregory was well known for his role as Inspector Lugar during eight seasons on the “Barney Miller” series. He also appeared in 25 Broadway shows, including a stint as “Biff” in “Death of a Salesman.”

Among the actor’s 30 film credits were the Elvis Presley vehicle “Clambake” in 1967 and the 1965 western “Sons of Katie Elder” with John Wayne and Dean Martin. In 1962, Gregory played Senator John Iselin in the acclaimed “Manchurian Candidate.”

Gregory-LaMonte said Gregory, who had no children of his own, was a “second father” to nieces and nephews and was always gracious towards the many fans who approached him in public.

“We would go out to dinner and people would always say, ‘I know who you are,'” she said from Malibu, Calif. “They would reel off the movies they had seen with him, but they wouldn’t always remember his name. He always loved it and welcomed it with open arms when anyone would come up to him.”

Sedona Funeral Home Manager Phil Harrison said it has not been determined when the funeral will take place.

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