Duke’s Hollywood Cowboys presents the DUKE’S 95TH BIRTHDAY PARTY

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Duke’s Hollywood Cowboys would like to invite you to DUKE’S 95TH
BIRTHDAY PARTY at the Old Tucson Studios May 24-25 and then in
Tombstone May 26-27. You will be part of the Real West – O-K
Corral – Old Tucson – all of it. If you come dressed in character,
you will have free admission to the Old Tucson Studios Fri and Sat.

Friday night, May 24, we will have a DHC group dinner and birthday
toast to the Duke at Old Tucson. Yep, it’s a chuck wagon steak
cookout under the stars at 6pm. Cost is $24.95 per person. Old
Tucson is going all out to set up a chuck wagon scene just like the
old movies. And for the folks that don’t eat meat, we’ll need to
know who you are so we can fix you something special. After dinner,
we will have our own DHC members sharing some of their fine

Saturday night, May 25, we will have dinner at Big Jake’s BBQ buffet
in Town Square at 6:30pm and then off to the concert. The cost is
$13.95 which includes the concert. This is a special deal for DHCs
as a thank you from Old Tucson. The buffet has several entre’s so
you can pick and choose.

These prices are based on 20 people and will need to be confirmed
with Old Tucson by May 10. PLEASE confirm with me prior to May 10
so I can give Old Tucson the final dinner county for these nights.
They are waiving a deposit which is usually required for group
functions, but if you confirm and are a no show, someone else will
get stuck with the bill once we have confirmed our numbers. So,
again, please email me or call 928-713-8613 before May 10 to let me
know if you will be there and if you need a vegetarian meal. There
will be entertainment both nights.

You can’t get any better than this. Come dressed as your
character. Discount hotel rates at the Old Pueblo Inn in Tucson up
thru April 23 so call them.

**Call Mark – 1-800-551-1466 for reservations. We have rooms blocked
off for us.**

Old Pueblo Inn – 350 So. Freeway – Tucson, AZ 85745

Here are some of the highlights of the Old Tucson Studios that we
thought you’d be interested in: Rio Bravo Canoe Adventure, Rio Lobo
Boat Docks, John Wayne Harness Shop, Train Station, Carousel, Young
Riders Park, Arizona Theater, Grand Palace Hotel l& Saloon, Little
Toltee Mine, the Reno Steam Locomotive, Rio Lobo Trail, Stage 2, Rio
Lobo River, Big Jakes Barbeque, Rosa’s Cantina, Three Amigos
Restaurant – and more – up to 47 important points of interest.

In Tombstone there will be staged shoot-outs, chili cook-offs,
entertainment, and the Tombstone Mercantile run by our own James
Clark (engineer and proprietor). and a side trip to the location
site of McClintoch mud slide.

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