John Wayne Reminds Us of America’s Wonder With CD Tribute

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Disc Arrives in Stores November 27

Perhaps no other person in the last 100 years embodies the strong values and the American way of life more so than screen legend John Wayne.

Now, with the approval of the John Wayne family, Chicago-based MPI Media will release “JOHN WAYNE: AMERICA, WHY I LOVE HER,” a unique collection of 10 different salutes to America and its people, narrated by the Duke with various musical accompaniment in digitally re-mastered stereo surround sound. The disc (and audio cassette) will be available in stores everywhere, by mail order and via the Internet on November 27. Suggested list price on the CD is $14.98. The audio cassette has a suggested list price of $9.98.

Based on a series of writings by actor/poet John Mitchum (Robert’s brother) on a variety of patriotic and American themes, the collection was released originally in 1973. During an afternoon of golf at a Los Angeles area club, Mitchum and fellow actor Forrest Tucker convinced Wayne to lend his talents and his unmistakable voice to the recording project. A man with a deep reverence for his country and its people, Wayne liked the thoughts and ideas the project represented and agreed to participate. The tracks feature musical arrangements and adaptations by conductor/arranger Billy Liebert, a former member of the renowned traditional country vocal and instrumental group, The Sons of the Pioneers.

The master tapes for “JOHN WAYNE: AMERICA, WHY I LOVE HER” were not to be found, so Michael Wayne, one of the Duke’s sons, obtained a reel-to-reel tape of the original recording and personally supervised every aspect of the detailed re-mastering of the current project. Using state-of-the-art audio technology at Chase Productions Studios in Hollywood, Calif., the result is a new, fully digital recording in stereo surround sound.

Regarding the decision to reissue the work Michael commented: “At the time of its original release, the country was torn apart by a horrible war. My father thought the project had a uniting, healing message and he did it to try and bring people together. Now, because of the tragic events of September 11, we as a nation seem ready to embrace once again these patriotic messages.”

MPI Media CEO Waleed B. Ali added: “We are the children of the Ellis Island experience, so the words spoke directly to me, as well as to my family. During this time of confusion, anger and reflection these narratives are especially meaningful. They define what America is, what we as Americans are and what we represent.”

Among the tracks on this tribute to the USA are selections such as “America, Why I Love Her,” “The Pledge of Allegiance,” “Mis Raices Estan Aqui (My Roots Are Buried Here),” “Face the Flag,” “Why Are You Marching, Son” and “Taps.” All tracks are accompanied by music, some with more elaborate symphonic arrangements including a choir.

John Wayne, who is still recognized as one of this nation’s most cherished movie stars even two decades after his death, had a deep love for his country evident both on and off the screen.

Michael Wayne oversees the business of his father’s legacy, including the protection of the Duke’s name and likeness. He also served as executive producer and producer on a number of John Wayne films, including “McLintock!,” “The Green Berets,” “Chisum,” and “Big Jake.” He is president of Batjac Productions, CEO of Wayne Enterprises and Chairman of the Board of The John Wayne Cancer Institute.

MPI Media is one of the leading independents in the entertainment industry, and the oldest surviving home video organization in America. Founded in 1976, its distribution spans television, home video, audio, stock footage, and Internet delivery. Its programming ranges from The Beatles to The Honeymooners, as well as documentaries from ABC News and CBS News Productions.

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