Lee Marvin

Lee Marvin
Lee Marvin

b. Febuary 19, 1924

d. August 29, 1987

Films together:

Donovan’s reef, The Man who shot Liberty Valance, The Comancheros

  • Marvin Lee

    A great actor. I am proud to have been misfiled under his name often.

  • I got to talk to Lee on the phone once when we were both living in Tucson. He was very friendly and we had a little chit-chat about this and that. He was having work done on his property and the dust thrown up by the equipment was bothering him. I complimented him on some of the films he had made. Wish I had it to do over again as I’d ask him why in the Wild Ones he was the only one riding a Harley? The others rode Limy bikes and I know why that was. My wild guess about Lee’s Harley is that he brought one of his own bikes to the set.

  • norm walker

    I liked that man to a good actor

  • Dorothy Graham

    Did Lee Marvin ever get the CMA Award while he served in the Army?