James Arness

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James Arness

b. 26 May 1923, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Movies together:

The Sea Chase, Island in the Sky, Hondo, Big Jim McLain

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  • I well remember Big Jim McLain. John Wayne and James Arness were in Hawaii and after shooting one day they were out on the docks when a bunch of union goons demanded they change the story line on the movie. Bad mistake, Wayne had the best natural left hook anybody has ever seen and Arness was no slouch. They demolished the union goons in very short order. It was all covered up for years but eventually leaked out. I lived in Bay Shore and John Wayne was a local hero, still is in my book.

  • tori

    I think John Wayne was the best actor ever and James Arness is to they are my top two favorites. My first movie was the sons of Katie elder that was so awesome when John was shooting in all those scenes. I wish I could’ve saw both of them in person:D

  • Joel C

    John Wayn Yes a man’s man and a true American patriot
    A true friend to those he liked and respected, ask James Arness, Ward Bond and others.