Bruce Cabot

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b. April 20, 1904,
Carlsbad, New Mexico

d. May 3, 1972
Woodland Hills, California

Movies together:

Angel and the Badman, Comancheros, Hatari, McLintock!, In Harm’s Way, Th eWar Wagon, The Green Berets, Hellfighters, The Undefeated, Chisum, Big Jake


bullet Worked with John Wayne 11 times
bullet Career Films 91
bullet Reminder: His most famous role was as
the heroic Jack Driscoll in King Kong (1933),
rescuing Fay Wray from the hairy paws of the
50-foot ape. In the Hellfighters (1968) he played
one of Wayne’s fire crew, Joe Horn.
In 1971 he played Sam Sharpnose , the
indian tracker, in “Big Jake”.
bullet Year of his first film 1931 his last film 1971

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  • Carol Terven Crowell

    Was Bruce Cabot the hero in the serials on Saturday matinees, Flash Gordon? Or am I confusing two characters? I believe that Wayne had a company much in the same way a serious theatre has an “equity company.” It is Wayne’s Company that keeps appearing in his films. This deserves some discussion, because, as an artist and businessman, Wayne was a pioneer. Wayne wanted the feel of family on the set and the best financial conditions for actors. He was vocal on thee issues within the Screen Actors’ Guild where he was a strong influence.