Robert Mitchum

Robert Mitchum
Robert Mitchum

b. August 6, 1917

d. July 1, 1997

Films together:

The Longest Day, El Edorado

  • Carol Terven Crowell

    I just read Wayne’s remarks at a dinner probably for the Boy Scouts. My own Father left a track of land in Big Sur for the Boy Scouts. My son was in Boy Scouts for years and we have had outstanding presidents who were Eagle Scouts, as you know. Wayne’s words and the scout oath emphasize what seems “corny” by today’s standards is wisdom. We need to spend more time pondering the meaning of the oath and its vocabulary to deepen our understanding. When Wayne said he was grateful to have his name on the Scout Post more than a theatre marquis, he was pointing to the gravity and influence of each. Scouts contribute to the formation of men and solid citizens. Let’s keep it that way.

  • Rick Moore

    Robert Mitchum also played a short part in
    ” In Harm’s Way “.